British Cowboy

A note from the client, "I have been taking branded bottles out to do sales pitches, because I wanted to see how initial impressions of the brand affected potential customers. Firstly, customers read the big font “British Cowboy”, and they laugh and typically say “I love it”. Next, they actually look in detail at the picture – another positive reaction and “that is cool”, then they actually look at the smaller detail on the bottle – the “Anglo American libations”, the Clive and Slim duel, and the story underneath. The label elicits a deeper and deeper level of engagement (and ‘investment’) from the potential customer – by the time I’m ready to ask them if they want to taste it, I barely need to ask them– they are asking for a taster!!

This is an amazing and perfect illustration of the power of the branding and design. The professors at Haas never told me about effects like this, but I though that you and your team would be extremely gratified to hear how effective your design work has been."