We're a global design consultancy developing ideas at the intersection of technology and humanity to help our clients create a better future.

At ICON, we've harnessed our past as a 35-year-old brand design institution, Iconologic, to fuel a new model of how we work and what we create.

1. Humanity comes first.

Our clients share our vision of developing meaningful experiences, services and products that make life better for people all over the world. By daring to keep our perspective wide and our goals ambitious, we're able to create work that captivates, unifies and moves people. 

2. Change is good.

But only when your business strategy is rooted in flexible, modular and scalable solutions. As technology evolves and becomes disposable, consumers are creators. The work we do empowers our clients to embrace a world in which consumers propel industries forward, and the only constant is change.

3. Better questions lead to better solutions.

We're driven by our curiosity, persistently inquisitive until we strike truth. Great brands are based on authentic DNA, and business solutions are only effective if they solve the real problem. It's why we ask, probe and explore—and sometimes, grill.

4. Great work takes work.

Discover. Design. Optimize. Prototyping is the backbone of our process because we know more testing yields better discoveries. We make iterative improvements based on user research, and our team’s lean structure allows us to do so quickly and fluidly.

5. Ideas are the future.

Creative thinking drives the big growth areas of tomorrow and sometimes even generates new industries from the ground up. To stay relevant, you need to be willing to get a bit uncomfortable. By exploring any and every uncharted territory, we bring a unique perspective to all our projects.

Our process

We employ a simple three-step process: Discover, Design and Optimize.

Discover / Ethnography, Research, Immersion

Design / Strategy, Story, UX, System Assets

Optimize / Metrics-based assessment + Evolution


Our capabilities


Brand Identity

Visual Systems & Standards

Creative Consulting





Product & Services Innovation

In-Store Digital

Emerging Platforms

Experience Design

System Architecture

Data Collection & Analysis

Testing Automation



Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Stories

Message Assets



Product & Brand Naming

Public Relations

Social Media

Our team

Our work is firmly rooted in the disciplines of design, engineering and writing. Over the past 35 years we've developed a keen understanding of how each can be used to effect enduring changes throughout an organization and in the marketplace. 

We're technologists, strategists, designers, engineers and storytellers who believe that the world's biggest challenges demand fearlessness and an ambitious spirit. 

Our contact

+1 404 260 4500

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400 Trabert Ave NW, Suite 100 
Atlanta, Georgia 30309